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This collection does not have any deviations yet!
Hello! We're going back to the roots of this group for another Christmas Exchange!

That's right, our Christmas Exchange is open for Sign Ups! Please be quick about it, you only have until the 5th of December to Sign Up and join the fun!

In future, Exchanges will have 2 months for you to complete your entry. That means our New Year's Exchange (if we do one) will begin accepting participants in December, our Valentine's in January, St. Patrick's Day in February, and so on. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for the journals which will always be posted at the beginning of the month!

Please Note: You are NOT required to advertise this Exchange in any way, shape, or form to participate. However, if you DO advertise this Exchange (via a journal, poll, status update, etc.) and provide me with the link proving you did so, I will draw you a sketchy bust of any of your Smurf/Smurf related OCs of your choice (1 bust per deviant per Exchange).



1. You must sign up for this Exchange yourself by filling out the below form. The Admins do not add every member of the group to every Exchange. Your form must be clear in what you want, and have references (At LEAST ONE (1) FULL COLOR REFERENCE FOR EVERY CHARACTER, INCLUDING CANON) and have every line filled out in SOME WAY, even if it’s just a “no”. Incomplete forms and forms without proper reference sheets will be warned to fix their errors; if they do not fix them properly once sorting begins they may be dropped from the exchange.

2. Requests must be related to Smurfs in some way but do not require actually having Smurfs or Smurf OCs; it could even be something like yourself holding an Azrael plush. Just make sure there is some 'smurfy' element- that's the whole point, after all! Other accepted characters include Azrael, Puppy, Humans, Fairies, Pixies, Wartmongers, etc.

3. We accept Traditional artists as well as Digital. However, a Traditional artist cannot use lined paper. Please at least use clean, white copy paper for a printer. All artists must color their entries, and while backgrounds are in no way required, they are encouraged.

4. Literature is also accepted. If you have another medium you wish to participate with besides writing or art, please contact Riverthunder via Note and discuss it civilly with them.

5. Literature entries must be complete stories with a clear beginning, middle, and end. They must be at least 4 pages with an 11 point font and 1.15 spacing (the Google Drive Standard). Riverthunder will be checking to make sure that the stories follow the rules. Remember, it's not fair for someone to make a complete piece of art for you only to get back an incomplete story or only fifteen lines. (Slightly shorter stories may be accepted if they are still complete stories; however, please try to fulfill all requirements.)

6. Canon Smurfs and your own OCs may be request to be portrayed negatively (bully, rude, etc.) However, requesting an OC that is not yours to be portrayed badly, especially without permission from the owner, may result in your being banned. Drawing or writing an OC in a negative light without being asked to may result in a ban from the next Exchange. If your OC is portrayed badly without permission, come to the Admin and I will sort it out.

7. If you request something that includes a friend's OC or an OC not your own, you MUST say so in your request. In your completed Exchange, all OCs must have their owners clearly marked in the description. This is to prevent owners of OCs not seeing Exchanges their OC is a part of and to prevent OCs being marked as belonging to a deviant who does not own them. I have noticed in past that sometimes someone will fail to note an OC belongs to a friend, and the friend usually ends up not being tagged as owner of the character or the character is marked as belonging to the requester when they do not.

8. If an Admin at the end of the Exchange asks you to redo your piece because it A.) Does not follow your prompt or B.) Breaks group rules, argument may lead to a ban. Please pick your battles carefully. A polite disagreement with us and a request to revisit our decision may be asked for if you are civil. Those who are rude will be banned from the next Exchange instead.

9. If you cannot draw a character you were requested to, please feel free to Note the Riverthunder about it and I will try to Switch you. Try not to switch last minute though- I’d prefer to make changes in the first week or so. If you drop out of the Exchange with no warning, you will be banned from the next one.

10. If you have a problem with another member in this group and would like to make sure you are not paired with them, privately Note Riverthunder, and I will see to it you do not have to draw for that person. However, bringing your problem into the group itself (such as making this request in your Sign Up form) may result in a ban. Please refrain from slandering another user or bring your issues with them to this group; that's exactly the opposite of its purpose.

11. REQUESTS MUST BE APPROPRIATE. Fetish art of any kind and excessive blood and gore are not allowed. Mild blood is acceptable. I will be going over each request to make sure it follows these rules. This is a group meant to be safe for deviants of all ages; please refrain from requesting anything that may be questionable to a group of deviants.

12. Please only around 5-6 Characters; no one wants to draw the whole Smurf Village plus OCs for another person.


14. Riverthunder will be going through all the submitted prompts to make sure they follow all the rules. If they request you make any changes, please do so! Your prompt cannot be accepted if you fail to provide all necessary information. If your prompt is deemed to be against the rules you will be asked to pick a new one; please do this without complaint so you can stay in the Exchange!

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS RELATING TO THIS GIFT EXCHANGE, PLEASE DIRECTLY NOTE Riverthunder TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE, PLEASE DO NOT NOTE THE GROUP. Because I will be doing this Exchange by myself, it will be much easier for me to answer your questions and concerns if you Note me. If you Note the group, I may not see the message in time to help you resolve the issue.


Current Exchange Theme: CHRISTMAS!!!



December 1st-5th: Sign Up Period

December 6th: Sorting Day

December 7th: Notes Sent Out

December 8th-23rd: Work Period

December 24th-January 6th: Submission Period



Character(s) (Please provide colored references for ALL characters, including Canon characters):
Tell your Smurfy Gift Giver about your OCs if they're in the picture (based on my own experience we need this rule because people often do not read descriptions):
Themed? If so, what is the theme you would like?:
Any particular requests for your Secret Smurfy Gift Giver? (Kissing under the mistletoe, decorating the tree, etc.):
Is there anything else your Secret Smurfy Gift Giver should know?:

*New Year’s Exchange?:

*ADDITION: For this Exchange only, please simply state whether you would like a New Year’s Exchange to be done as well. A “yes” or “no” at the bottom of your form will suffice. If enough people show interest, the Sign Up Journal for the New Year’s Exchange will be posted on December 5th or 6th (depending on how much time I have). This response can be added to the bottom of your prompt.




Riverthunder (Founder)
More Journal Entries


This group is purely to get the smurf community to get together. It's also a group for giving as well as receiving smurf art in events. It's a place where everyone respects others OCs, pairings, and each other.

Hope you all enjoy this group >w<

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DrGaster Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Any chance there'll be a 2016 Christmas trade? ;u;
Riverthunder Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Unfortunately I don't have a ton of time on my hands and BlueHecate hasn't been on much that I've seen. I'll post a poll and if I think enough people show interest I'll try to set one up.
DrGaster Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhhh, I definitely understand ;v; I didn't set up a Secret Series one for the same reason.
Thanks! Let me know if you do~
Riverthunder Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hopefully we'll have enough people sign up. Here's the link to the journal if you have any interest in participating: smurfygiftexchange.deviantart.…
RUinc Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
interesting group you have here...
Riverthunder Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, it was while it was running, but it's died a bit.
RUinc Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016
that's sad.  well, would you or anyone else be interested in seeing me play through Smurfs Epic Run?
Riverthunder Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
It's always a possibility! I'm not entirely sure.
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ThermidorResistance Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool group.  Just a small suggestion, it might be a good idea to create a sub-gallery where members can submit their exchange deviations.  Unless it's ok to just submit to the "featured" gallery? 
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